From University to Teacher Training

Moving on from university to the big world of work is often a serious step up and change of pace. There are exciting challenges, fresh opportunities and new anxieties. However, it’s important for the future workforce’s new trainers and employers to minimise the shock of this significant change. Doing this well can increase the morale … Continue reading

Every Lesson Shapes a Life

We’re sure you’ll have seen the Get Into Teaching campaign from the Department for Education, a couple of months back . The video follows the journey of school pupil Abbie, starting as a young girl and stretching all the way through to when she’s moving into adulthood. The story is simple yet powerful, giving honest … Continue reading

When it Comes to Teaching, Age is Just a Number

Training to become a teacher through a SCITT is perfect for people of all ages, from recent graduates who have always known that they want to teach, to those in their forties, fifties and even sixties who are looking for a more fulfilling career. It’s easy to think that people who are barely out of … Continue reading

Why is the SCITT Route so Beneficial to Trainee Teachers?

School-Centred Initial Teacher Training, often referred to as SCITT, has been designed by top educators as a fantastic way to train as a teacher whilst in a real-life learning environment. Trainees come from all backgrounds, ranging from recent graduates to people in their 40s and 50s who are looking for a more fulfilling career. But … Continue reading

The Role of a Mentor and the Importance of Having One

When starting any new career, it always helps to have a mentor to offer a guiding hand and expert advice. This couldn’t be more relevant in the teaching industry, as trainees learning through a SCITT are in an actual teaching environment from day one and require support throughout their course. A mentor will always be … Continue reading