Using Social Media for Marketing and Recruitment

For some people, social media is an outlet for their inspiration, creativity and wisdom. For others, it’s a great way to share with the world what they had for breakfast. However, due to everyone being on social media for one reason or another, it makes it the perfect place to recruit new trainees and teachers. … Continue reading

The Power of Teacher Training Blogs

As a teacher training provider, you need to ensure that your website is attracting new visitors and giving them a reason to explore what you have to offer. A regular blog is an excellent means of achieving this, as it gives people a reason to remain on your site for longer and digest your insight. … Continue reading

Make 2020 Your Year of Self-Improvement

There’s always room for improvement, so here are five methods of enhancing your performance and excelling in your role throughout 2020 and beyond. Take breaks These days we’re constantly swamped with huge amounts of information, which clutters our thinking and stops us from fully switching off. In fact, on average we take in five times … Continue reading

How to Use Storytelling in Lessons

With the emphasis on teaching for exams and preparing for inspections increasingly evident, the age-old artform of storytelling is showing signs of decline in British classrooms. Whilst helping children to achieve top results is important, it’s also crucial that we don’t sacrifice the innovation and freedom that comes with this powerful learning tool. Despite its … Continue reading

Keep Your Cool in School

It’s a new school year and teachers across the UK are applying their creativity, passion and determination to give young people the best start in life. However, this time of year can also be very stressful, so we’ve popped together some top tips for staying cool in school. Plan your day This may seem like … Continue reading

How to Survive Freshers Flu and Stay Healthy

Starting university is an incredible time of life, filled with new experiences and opportunities. However, with so much to see and do, all while rubbing shoulders with countless people, it’s easy to become ill or run down. To help you stay fresh during freshers, we’ve popped together some top wellbeing tips. Please drink responsibly You’ll … Continue reading

Time Management Tips for Educators

Whether you teach in a school, college or university, you’re guaranteed to have a very busy schedule. To ensure that everything gets done and burnout doesn’t rear its ugly head, here are some practical time management tips to integrate into your working day. Set achievable goals Making sure that you have clear goals that are … Continue reading

Brain Training for Teachers

Being a teacher means that you don’t just help young people to learn on a daily basis, you also learn a lot yourself in the process. From new words to historical dates, chemical compositions to artistic styles, teaching is the perfect career for people who are passionate about lifelong learning. However, though you’re always busy, … Continue reading

Students: Make This Your Best University Semester Yet

Calling all universities and lecturers out there! If you’re reading this article, we suggest that you share it with your students to inspire them for the coming semester. You never know, it might make your own semester run a bit smoother too. Plan ahead First off, even if you love a classic student wall planner … Continue reading

Mental Health Tips for Students

Whilst it’s an accepted fact that students at secondary school, college and university will succumb to periods of stress, there are plenty of techniques and practices for staying on top of not just studies, but also mental wellbeing. Take things one step at a time This may sound like obvious advice, yet it’s amazing how … Continue reading

Teaching Children About Climate Change

With retailers of all shapes and sizes adopting ecologically sustainable practices, not to mention 15-year-old activist Greta Thunberg speaking at high-profile gatherings around the world, it may come as no surprise that climate change is making its way into the curriculum in a big way. A recent development was four young students from Cheney school … Continue reading

Using Technology in the Classroom

The world that young people live in is very different from when we were kids, with technology and digital tools used for everything from checking facts to connecting with people around the world. Though many schools prohibit the use of smartphones, there are some interesting ways of integrating tech into your lesson plans. Virtual field … Continue reading

Encouraging Questions in the Classroom

A good teacher makes a difference to young lives by opening up a world of knowledge and discovery on a daily basis. Whilst structured topics, lesson plans and your individual wisdom are key to an effective learning environment, young children should also be encouraged to ask their own questions. This is easier said than done … Continue reading

From University to Teacher Training

Moving on from university to the big world of work is often a serious step up and change of pace. There are exciting challenges, fresh opportunities and new anxieties. However, it’s important for the future workforce’s new trainers and employers to minimise the shock of this significant change. Doing this well can increase the morale … Continue reading

Every Lesson Shapes a Life

We’re sure you’ll have seen the Get Into Teaching campaign from the Department for Education, a couple of months back . The video follows the journey of school pupil Abbie, starting as a young girl and stretching all the way through to when she’s moving into adulthood. The story is simple yet powerful, giving honest … Continue reading

When it Comes to Teaching, Age is Just a Number

Training to become a teacher through a SCITT is perfect for people of all ages, from recent graduates who have always known that they want to teach, to those in their forties, fifties and even sixties who are looking for a more fulfilling career. It’s easy to think that people who are barely out of … Continue reading

Why is the SCITT Route so Beneficial to Trainee Teachers?

School-Centred Initial Teacher Training, often referred to as SCITT, has been designed by top educators as a fantastic way to train as a teacher whilst in a real-life learning environment. Trainees come from all backgrounds, ranging from recent graduates to people in their 40s and 50s who are looking for a more fulfilling career. But … Continue reading

The Role of a Mentor and the Importance of Having One

When starting any new career, it always helps to have a mentor to offer a guiding hand and expert advice. This couldn’t be more relevant in the teaching industry, as trainees learning through a SCITT are in an actual teaching environment from day one and require support throughout their course. A mentor will always be … Continue reading