Kirklees & Calderdale Print Design

Kirklees and Calderdale is a unique provider because it works with more than one hundred partner schools. To showcase the extensive network of training opportunities provided by KCSCITT, they came to Big Pink Fish for our creative flair. 

First things first, we looked at the Kirklees & Calderdale branding and brought a much more modern and clean feel to it. It’s simple and bold, meaning it can be used effectively across a wide range of marketing collateral. 

We created a French Fold flyer, which revealed a detailed map of all partner schools across the Kirklees & Calderdale area. 

We didn’t stop there and also helped bring Kirklees & Calderdale to life through engaging social media content. We ensure that the platforms reflect the passion, creativity and vibrancy that the trainees at Kirklees & Calderdale bring into the classroom.

“Having worked with Big Pink fish as our ‘Marketing arm’ for the past 4 years, I can honestly say that it is like having an extra colleague.

They take care of all our social media activity – with our input and direction of what we want to say, ensuring that the right people see our tweets and posts.

Updating the website is a simple message to them and they do it straight away. I’m always confident that they have our reputation at the forefront and enable us to communicate that to potential trainees for us.

It makes my job so much easier knowing they are there to support me.”

Cathy Scott, SCITT Business Manager