The North Yorkshire and East Riding ITT Branding

The North Yorkshire and East Riding ITT Partnership provides quick access to teacher training providers in North Yorkshire & the East Riding. The area, despite offering some of the best teacher training in the country, has traditionally found it quite difficult to reach the right people. Because of this, we worked closely with the group to develop a modern, eye catching and exciting brand identity that works on several levels.

Big Pink Fish absolutely love a blank slate to work from, and that’s exactly what The North Yorkshire and East Riding ITT gave us when they came to us for help.  

We were tasked with developing a brand identity, new name and brand guidelines to help them establish themselves amongst an increasingly competitive market. 

The name was created as a visual play on the word TEACHER that still included references to the areas covered by the groups individual providers.

As well as creating a modern brand image, we wanted to develop a logo that could be versatile and could be used effectively by each of the partners. We achieved this by creating a vibrant and recognisable badge logo, with a simplified centre insert that could either contain the brand name, variations on text or individual provider logos.