Every Lesson Shapes a Life

Every Lesson Shapes a Life

We’re sure you’ll have seen the Get Into Teaching campaign from the Department for Education, a couple of months back . The video follows the journey of school pupil Abbie, starting as a young girl and stretching all the way through to when she’s moving into adulthood. The story is simple yet powerful, giving honest and realistic insight into how children grow up with teachers.

Rather than focusing entirely on achievements and smiles, the video also includes tears and low points, yet maintains an uplifting and inspirational feel throughout. Even the fleeting detention scene bears a positive message, with the teacher saying that he doesn’t want to see Abbie and her friend there again as they’re “better than this”.

Presenting excellent attention to creative detail, numerous backdrops and actions are repeated over the years, including Abbie’s walk to school, moving through corridors, and even close-ups of her feet during lessons and exams, giving a hint of how she’s feeling during certain tasks.

Filled with language that triggers confidence in children, such as “we’re getting there” and “well done”, there are also multiple questions asked by the teachers to encourage curiosity, continual improvement and ownership: “Have you thought about trying it like this?” and “How would you define identity?” being prime examples.

Whilst Abbie is the protagonist, representing a child in today’s education system, the teachers have supporting roles in every sense, helping her to excel in her learning. This is the crux of the campaign, showing how teachers have the power to give every student the best start in life through proactive advice, dedicated support and a clear understanding of individual needs.

This campaign really is wonderful, as we get to see how Abbie develops her skills and grows as a person, all within a two-minute story. With motivational messages the likes of “this is going to be a challenge but you can do this” and “you can achieve whatever you want to in life”, it’s impossible for the heartstrings not to be tugged by each moment and milestone.

The tagline at the end is clear and heartening: “Every lesson shapes a life. Whose story will you inspire?” This is fortified by heaps of fantastic resources, events and support on the Get Into Teaching website, which give aspiring and trainee teachers everything they require to pursue a career as a leading educator.

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