Using Social Media for Marketing and Recruitment

Using Social Media for Marketing and Recruitment

For some people, social media is an outlet for their inspiration, creativity and wisdom. For others, it’s a great way to share with the world what they had for breakfast. However, due to everyone being on social media for one reason or another, it makes it the perfect place to recruit new trainees and teachers.  

It’s no longer enough to simply rely on incoming web traffic when all your competitors have social media accounts sending people their way on a daily basis. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not you want your organisation to become open to the world on a whole new level, here are some factors that might sway your opinion.

Improved brand recognition

You don’t need every person under the sun to follow you in order to have a recognisable business, as it only takes one follower to share your posts for you to be noticed by hundreds of other users scrolling through their news feeds. The more people who share your content, the greater the reach and recognition.

Increased digital publicity

You no longer have to wait days to showcase developments in your business – through social media, you can immediately show off your latest achievement through images, videos and live streams.

Statistics have proven that interacting through social media networks even just 2-3 times per week can significantly increase your online presence in both traditional and digital marketplaces, meaning you’re building new relationships in just a few clicks.

Higher brand authority

When a person wants to compliment a business or service, they now turn to social media to do it. Your interaction with customers through your channels makes them feel more comfortable talking both to you and about you, helping to build a rapport and develop regular, two-way communications.

A customer’s good reviews and comments can influence others to get involved in your business, and if you get people on board who have a large digital presence, your traffic can suddenly skyrocket as a result.

Improved brand loyalty

Education businesses that engage with people on social media undoubtedly benefit from much higher audience loyalty. The ability to interact and connect with your brand enables the individual to grow this loyalty, eventually turning them from a follower into an advocate. 

Richer user experiences

By having a strong social media presence your business not only shows that it’s digitally active, but also that it’s approachable. If a potential trainee or teacher has any questions and they see that your business is actively posting every day, they’ll feel comfortable knowing they won’t be waiting long for a reply. This works wonders for recruitment drives in particular.

Improved customer insights

Social media gives you the opportunity to learn what your customers are interested in and how they behave, which is fantastic insight. For example, you could monitor user comments to see what people think of your business, all while gauging which types of content generate the most interest. You can then use this insight to improve your marketing strategy and awareness campaigns going forward.

We’ll do it for you

Social media management can require a lot of time and effort. If you’d rather have it taken off your hands, our digital experts will run it for you. Simply get in touch at or call 0161 507 3365 and we’ll create a tailored social media plan that fits your needs and goals.

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