The Power of Teacher Training Blogs

The Power of Teacher Training Blogs

As a teacher training provider, you need to ensure that your website is attracting new visitors and giving them a reason to explore what you have to offer. A regular blog is an excellent means of achieving this, as it gives people a reason to remain on your site for longer and digest your insight. Read on to discover the power of high-quality blog posts and how they will benefit your organisation.

Drive more traffic to your website

A website full of useful information is great, but your traffic will remain limited until a more proactive approach is adopted. If you want a stream of new visitors finding out what your courses are all about, blogging is the way forward.
A carefully considered, consistently updated and well-written blog can help potential trainees to find your website in many ways. It could be anything from your Google Search ranking improving, to other websites linking to your own, not to mention an increased visibility on social media. Whatever the case, it’s all good.  
Your articles should be relevant, helpful and easy to read. Meanwhile, a mix of topical and evergreen content will increase the likelihood of you being found by people interested in training to teach within your region.

Social media gold

Coming up with thought-provoking and engaging content for your social media channels on a daily basis can be difficult. It’s all well and good sharing other people’s articles and posts, but what about driving traffic to your own website?
This is where blog posts come in very handy. If you’ve written something great on your blog, the next step is to shout about it on social media. Post the link along with a brief description and perhaps a couple of relevant hashtags – this can really boost your views and help to build a loyal audience.

Everyone loves a freebie

Offering free advice demonstrates your commitment to helping people to explore the exciting world of teaching. Topics can include anything that you believe will help them along their journey, such as a list of top resources, a guide to applying through UCAS, explaining the role of a mentor, health and wellbeing advice, and anything else that will benefit your target audience.

Build brand identity

The word “brand” isn’t just for businesses, it very much applies to teacher training providers too. Through a blog, you can tell your story and evolve your style, which will help visitors to get a real feel for who you are, what you do and how you deliver it.

Writing helps you to focus

It can be extremely useful to write about new developments, techniques and trends in the teaching world, as in the process you’ll further enhance your brand’s voice and values. It’s also a great way for teacher training providers to discover which direction they want to go in next and refocus their strategies, such as a greater emphasis on attracting final year university students or working out what visitors want to experience at your events.

Get in touch

Researching, writing and managing a blog can take up a lot of time and energy. If you’d rather leave it to the experts, get in touch with us at or call 0161 507 3365 and we’ll create a tailored content plan that fits your needs and goals.

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