Make 2020 Your Year of Self-Improvement

Make 2020 Your Year of Self-Improvement

There’s always room for improvement, so here are five methods of enhancing your performance and excelling in your role throughout 2020 and beyond.

Take breaks

These days we’re constantly swamped with huge amounts of information, which clutters our thinking and stops us from fully switching off. In fact, on average we take in five times as much information each day as we did in 1986. Add to this that we’re reportedly only able to work at our top level of ability for bursts of ninety minutes, and it becomes physically impossible to peak for an entire day.

Though teaching comes with a very strict schedule, you need to take short breaks where possible. This will go a long way to refreshing the mind and allowing your body to relax.

Play to your strengths

Everyone works differently, even when they have identical job descriptions. Whatever your strengths may be, use them as a means of enthusing your students, enhancing your teaching environment and benefitting the school in as many ways as possible.

Ask for feedback

You won’t grow and become the best you can be if you don’t ask for feedback. Whether it’s a mentor, line manager or a fellow teacher, take the opportunity to ask them some simple questions:

“Is there a specific way in which I can be more effective at work?”

“If I had to change one thing about my performance, what do you think it should it be?”

“How well do I work with the rest of the team?”

If you get some criticism, remember to not take it personally. Everyone receives some form of honest input at work and we should each use it as a means of improving our abilities. Constructive criticism is your friend.

Positive attitude

Enter the school premises in the morning with a positive mental attitude and you will no doubt improve your ability to work productively. It also has a knock-on effect for the rest of the team, as a can-do approach leads to better staff retention and lays a platform for a more unified and happy workplace. On top of this, your students will love it and be more open to exploring topics with you.

Keep learning  

No one is the finished article; we are constantly learning new skills and information. As an educator, it’s essential that you embrace this as you progress in your career.

At the beginning of each day, challenge yourself to memorise a new piece of information, no matter how weird or random. Daring to develop into a more innovative and open teacher will eventually enable you to achieve your full potential. What’s more, it can be excellent for pub quizzes!

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