Keep Your Cool in School

Keep Your Cool in School

It’s a new school year and teachers across the UK are applying their creativity, passion and determination to give young people the best start in life. However, this time of year can also be very stressful, so we’ve popped together some top tips for staying cool in school.

Plan your day

This may seem like obvious advice to teachers, who are well known for lesson plans, structured approaches and following the curriculum, yet planning your day goes beyond the subjects that you teach. In fact, it begins before you’ve even set off in the morning, as knowing what needs to be done between lessons can really help you to stay in control of your time.

For instance, if you need to catch up on emails, have a quick meeting with a fellow educator or tidy up an area of the classroom, fitting it neatly into your schedule will ensure that everything gets done on time. Using an app such as Google Calendar can really help here too, as its notifications are far more effective than sticking post-it notes to your desk or tying a ribbon around your finger.

Get some exercise

It’s very tempting to take the bus or drive to work, but getting up a little earlier and walking there can go a long way to energising yourself for the day ahead. Depending on how far the school is from your home and the local traffic conditions, travelling on foot could actually be quicker and will certainly save you money.

If you live a fair distance from your school and even cycling is out of the question, try to incorporate a little extra fitness into your regime, such as taking the stairs instead of the lift, walking around the classroom where possible, and getting some fresh air on the school grounds during lunchtime.

Make time for friends and family

Obviously you can’t spend quality time with loved ones during the working day, but many teachers also fail to do this properly during their spare time too. It’s very easy to go home and watch a bit of telly, only to lose an entire evening to mindless screen time.

Instead, put effort into allocating time with friends and family, as sharing stories about your days and taking part in shared hobbies will do wonders for relieving stress and lifting your mood.

Sleep is sooooooo important

You’re an extremely busy person, we get it, but not getting enough sleep will result in your efficiency taking a nosedive. When you’re properly rested, your brain works more effectively, enabling you to not only do a better job but also do it more quickly.

Set yourself a suitable bedtime and stick to it. If you can’t fall asleep quickly, we recommend downloading investing in a meditation book or app that will teach you how to regulate your breathing, empty your mind and nod off in no time.

Take a deep breath

If a lesson is proving difficult or that one troublemaker is really pushing you to your limit, remember that losing your cool can get you in trouble and also result in your students losing their respect for you.

As hard as it may be at the time, if something is stressing you out, you need to take a breath before responding. It’s not necessarily a case of counting to ten and picturing a beautiful meadow – even just a moment’s pause can prevent you from losing your cool.

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