Why is the SCITT Route so Beneficial to Trainee Teachers?

Why is the SCITT Route so Beneficial to Trainee Teachers?

School-Centred Initial Teacher Training, often referred to as SCITT, has been designed by top educators as a fantastic way to train as a teacher whilst in a real-life learning environment. Trainees come from all backgrounds, ranging from recent graduates to people in their 40s and 50s who are looking for a more fulfilling career.

But why are SCITTs so much more beneficial to trainees compared to other routes? Let’s a take a look at what’s involved.

You’re at the heart of the action

From day one, you’ll learn skills, gain knowledge and explore different perspectives that make a great teacher, all right there in the classroom. Whilst university-based courses teach solely the theory for a few months before presenting opportunities for first-hand experience, a SCITT trainee learns both theory and practical application from the very start.

Learn from the experts

Every single day, you’ll be face to face with not only top quality teachers, but also headteachers, the administrative team and other staff who help the school to run effectively. This even includes professionals who deal with the marketing and PR activity, the finance department, the caretakers and site managers, plus many other roles that are essential to the overall infrastructure, welfare and productivity on a day-to-day basis.

A natural progression

Some people see SCITT training as being thrown in at the deep end, but in reality, you’ll gain a wealth of expertise very quickly that will help you to ease into your future role. In fact, studying in a lecture theatre where there isn’t a child in sight and then suddenly visiting a school for a placement can be very daunting, so choosing the SCITT route is conducive to growing in confidence and familiarising yourself with how a school works over a longer period.

A mentor to guide you

Each SCITT trainee receives in-depth advice, support and guidance from a mentor. This is absolutely invaluable on so many levels, as it’s a tailored approach to training that also welcomes questions and responds to concerns and grievances. We guarantee that you’ll find having a mentor is extremely inspiring and helps to overcome misgivings quickly and easily.

The students

We believe that being around children is a crucial element of your training. No other format of teacher training presents this level of genuine insight into the vocation, which is why SCITTs are widely considered the most logical, efficient and results-driven option for aspiring educators. What’s more, you get to work with your students every day, which is the perfect way to discover your own unique way of engaging young people in a range of topics and learning styles.

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